"L'amour au temps de la guerre civile"/ Canadian film in French/ Cinetopia

from French in Ann Arbor


Tickets at the box office.

Mainly in Montreal.

Navigating a limbo of desperate addicts and obsessive lovers, Alex (Alexandre Landry) works the existing system to fulfill his needs while nurturing his aspirations for more from life. This visceral, haunting film from acclaimed Canadian director Rodrigue Jean (who was awarded Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival for his last offering, LOST SONG) takes a voyeuristic look at Montréal in its Centre-Sud district through its destitute troupe of compulsive, orphan characters that drift around Alex. The film allows a vulnerability from its subjects that showcases the anguish and hardship needed to survive in this desolate arena of life. Always looking for that next fix, the rough trade to acquire it demands the audience take notice of this undercurrent of society; one that longs for more than passerby indifference. The film delivered its premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. -Drew Waller


What a day it will be for me. I am planning on seeing them all.Maybe I'll see you there. I hope so.


Crystal Cannon is a high school French teacher from Detroit. She is married with one child. She loves reading, traveling, fine dining and good music.


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Anthony Peterson
4 months ago

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Cat Novak
over 3 years ago

Unfortunately I will skip my turn because of French group fête de fin d'année scolaire.

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