How to Make Salsa

Rica Salsa

It’s hot. It’s summer. There are increasingly large piles of tomatoes at the farmers’ market. Throw in a few peppers I smuggled from Mexico, and we have ourselves a salsa-making class!

In one hour, learn how to create these easy, authentic Mexican salsas:
Roasted garlic tomatillo salsa
Pico de gallo
Ancho chile chipotle salsa

Don’t forget to bring small containers for take-home salsa. Hasta pronto!


I started out with Hourschool as a teacher - 'How to Make Salsa'. I'd always wanted to teach a cooking class, and felt like I had a lot to share after spending 8 months traveling in Central America. I loved that Hourschool gave me a platform to do something I'd always wanted to do! Teaching was a fun and rewarding experience. I also like to learn: How to Bake Sourdough Bread, How to Fix Your Own Car, Make Your Own Pasta are just a few of my favorite Hourschool classes.


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