Holiday Challenge

Are you excited about the upcoming Holiday season? Or are you starting to tense up at the thought of all the late nights, shopping, and FOOD?

If you are:
- Unsure about how to include your favorite holiday treats without gaining weight
- Worried about how to eat healthy while traveling
- Wondering how to manage your time
- Worried about the impact of the holidays on your health

Then come join me in a FREE one hour class to get answers to these questions, and more!


I am the owner/operator of Marquette Nutrition & Fitness. I am a registered & licensed dietitian as well as certified health fitness specialist (through the American College of Sports Medicine) and a USA Fit Certified Running Coach. I currently teach nutrition & fitness classes, and I also see clients individually. I specialize in celiac, food allergies, polycystic ovarian syndrome, vegetarian & sports nutrition.


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11 months ago

Holiday challenge and all appropriate items have been done for the humans. The chance of the holiday and papers owl is termed for the collection for the candidates in this ambit.

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