Gourmet Easy-Bake Oven

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Mention Easy-Bake Ovens and people of a certain age will salivate with nostalgic delight. After 11 model changes, the Easy-Bake has morphed into a design that looks like a microwave. But it works the same way it always has: open a package of mix, add water, pour batter into a scaled-down cake pan, and slide it into an oven pre-heated by a light bulb. It is not just for baking small cakes and cookies anymore. Lisa Coats is going to show you how to make easy bake dishes gourmet style; from flan to soufflés with a few surprises in-between. Lisa's experience from baking for large private affairs to her culinary studies has prepared her for her new role as a teacher. Come enjoy the first home economics class @ schoolclass.


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