Exploring different types of business models

from Center61


This class will explore an array of different types of business models, and their application.

Class will start at 3pm, and will be one to two hours long.

Center 61 is a co-working space, and you are welcome to work there free of charge for the full day on the day you are registered for a class! Meet people, drink good coffee, get some work done and learn a little something!


This class will be led by Steve Wanta the Executive Program Director at Whole Planet Foundation, and Founder of Center 61.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


eats to live.


A cartoonist-turned-UI designer who enjoys traveling the world.


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


Founder of Feast for Days, interaction designer, married, former college athlete, 4th grade chess club president.


I'm here to learn, share, and help where I can.


I am a mechanical engineer working in San Marcos/Austin, TX. I've been studying design topics for the better part of a year. I'm interested in exploring a variety of ideas. Lately I've been obsessed with manufacturing and design process as well as materials. I've been studying a variety of different topics like generative design and biomimicry. Some skills that I'm learning/working on are Processing, Rhino, Grasshopper, sketching, prototyping methodology


Diana is a teacher-turned-designer and a co-founder of GirlsGuild, an arts apprenticeship service.




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4 months ago

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Chelsea Hostetter
over 5 years ago

Hey guys! I'm sorry that I can't make it—my mother has a surgery in Pittsburgh, and I will be out of town.

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