DIY Print Media Workshop

Wanna promote your band, distribute that graphic novel you wrote, or start a magazine but you don't have money for nice glossy printing or expensive graphic design computer programs? Have no fear! You can create exquisite 'zines, fliers, posters and books for pennies. Artists, punks and hobos have done this for decades using only old magazines / newspapers / other discarded print media and a xerox copier easily found at you local public library.

Come to Space12 on September 3rd at 3:30pm for a crash course in this style of renegade media. Some supplies will be provided, but please feel free to bring paper, staplers, old magazines/books/photos/posters/etc that can be destroyed, markers/pens, tape/glue, scissors/xacto knives/whatevss... or if you wanna get fancy, your laptop and digital camera.


Everything about me can be found at:


Grad student (Tech Writing program) - trying to carve out a new career path - one brick at a time. I've also been designing jewelry and clothes for 15 years (I took metalsmithing/ jewelry making course at Glassel School in Houston and more courses in New Mexico). Trying to learn more about print, and software programs that will help me with design issues that come up for tech writing projects.


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Brian Montgomery
about 1 year ago

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over 1 year ago

It remains exactly the same with each print run because there is no ink blending required during the printing process. Melissa Doris of

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